Sinus Relief OTC Products Not Containing Medication?

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Q- Sinus Relief OTC Products Not Containing Medication?
Looking for sinus relief over the counter non drug form looking for stuff available in rite aid natural products,lozengers that will help sinus?,ive seen a bunch of different products online and some in stores looking for recommendation for natural/non medicated relief from sinus/nasal congestion

A-I've had sucess with a sea water nasal spray from my local Pharmacy. There is no medicine, it is just 100% natural sea water, which helps to flush out the nasal passage and the sinuses.

The brand I have used is Sterimar Sea Water Nasal Spray. For more information, see:

Your local pharmacy is likely to have a similar product available, it is worth asking behind the counter as they are not often on the shelves.

Another firm favourite of mine in Vicks VapoRub which is available at all pharmacies. A cheap alternative is Menthol Crystals in a tub of hot water - simply inhale the steam. For more on Vicks, see:

A- Sinus relief? Well, to get the congestion more bearable, I'd do Vic's vapor rub at night, or their inhaler during the day. Halls cough drops provide a bit of sinus and sore throat relief. Really, anything with menthol or eucalyptus will help too. You can buy eucalyptus oil...or it's used in steam rooms @ health clubs.

I'm also a fan of zinc, but you have to start taking it at the FIRST thought that you MIGHT be getting an infection. I tried Cold-eze lozenges, but it did bad things to my mouth. Zicam is what I use now, and they have a bunch of different ways to get the zinc into your system.

A-Make a mixture of peppermint and eucalypytus oil and put into boiling water and inhale the steam. It will open you up for sure. Also eating a lot of hot foods will help too.

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Sinus relief?

I need sinus relief tips besides steam, doctors, tea, warm shower....

If it's allergies you need to take an antihistamine with your decongestant. Take as little as possible for as short a time as possible because you body can get used to it and then it doesn't work anymore or you have to keep upping the dosage.
Usually I take generic Flonase and then I don't get allergy congestion and migraines.

But when I accidentally run out I buy -
Decongestant Phenylephrine HCI 10 mg-tiny red tabs in box
Chloramine Maleate (spelling?) Comes in small bottles of 100 tiny yellow tablets at CVS and other pharmacies.
Tylanol if a headache is included.

These work for about 4-6 hours. Takes about 1/2 hour to kick in, usually I wake up with a stuffy nose and headache, take the pills, by the time I'm out of the shower I'm ok for the day.
For something more like a cold try Aleve-D works for 12 hours, you have to ask for it at the counter of the pharmacy. - for sinus relief

Balloon offers relief to sinus pain(Sinus Pressure Relief )

Balloon offers relief to sinus pain

Debbie Jones-Megliola is enjoying life much more now that she is rid of the drumming pain that elevated the threshold of her headaches to a throbbing intensity.

"We tried every antibiotic out there, and it didn't help," said Jones-Megliola, 38, a mom and specialty medical assistant-scheduler at Sheridan Community Hospital in Montcalm County.

"When I was out with my daughter, the constant pressure didn't make it very fun."

The source of the Carson City resident's discomfort was chronic sinusitis, an infection or inflammation of the sinus cavities that results in a constant stuffed nose.

Over time, drainage is blocked, and problems mount, which may include facial pain, headaches, bad breath, upper jaw pain, sore throat, sensitive eyes, swelling of the eyelids and general fatigue.

A technique called balloon sinusplasty accomplished what a battery of antibiotics could not for Jones-Megliola.

Relief following the procedure was instant and recovery was swift, she said.

"I had no packing, no pain and no pain medicine. I resumed normal activity the next day," she said.

Approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 2005, balloon sinusplasty is a distant cousin to an angioplasty procedure that clears blocked arteries, according to Dr. Andrew Barak.

Barak is one of only five or so ear, nose and throat surgeons in the Grand Rapids area trained to use the catheter system developed by Menlo Park, Calif.-based Acclarent Inc.

The procedure, covered by most insurance companies, is considered a middle ground between medication and traditional surgery, Barak said. It requires no incisions or cutting and leaves no bruising or swelling.

Done as outpatient surgery that requires general anesthesia, the procedure starts by threading a guide-wire catheter into the nostrils and up into the blockage.

The catheter is equipped with a tiny balloon, which is inflated to about a quarter of an inch in diameter once inside the passage.

The balloon fractures the bones and spreads them apart, allowing the sinuses to be drained, Barak said. Once the passageway is open, the balloon is deflated and withdrawn.

"The other real bonus of this procedure is that, typically, I do not need nasal or sinus packing after this operation and patients can resume normal activities next day," Barak said.

"The goals of this procedure are less bleeding and (less) scar tissue caused by exacerbations."

Sinusitis affects about 37 million Americans each year, according to the American Academy of Otolaryngology, making it one of the most common infections.

The nasal malady sends 18 million to 22 million people to doctors' offices annually and catapults annual health care expenditures into the $8 billion range.

Not every patient qualifies for balloon sinusplasty, Barak said. Those who have polyps, deviated septum or ethmoid sinus disease are not candidates for the procedure. The catheter cannot fit every sinus cavity, either, Barak said.

"Basically, you're going to offer this option to patients who fall into certain criteria.

"Those who've had a history of recurring sinus infections may qualify, but cannot have a history of overwhelming sinus polyps or extensive sinus surgery, such as tumors, and cystic fibrosis patients, or a condition when the sinus bone becomes very hardened by prior infections or trauma, or facial injuries such as from car (accident) injuries."

Early results show promise, said Dr. Howard Levine, an ear nose and throat surgeon and director of the Cleveland Nasal Sinus and Sleep Center. A six-month study of 115 patients showed 98 percent of patients' nasal passages remained open.

The technology underwent years of research and development to ensure patients' safety, Levine said.

The sinuses are close to the brain and to the eyes and major blood vessels that go to the heart and the brain," he said.

"The technology uses a structural guide wire that's delicate and flexible. It can't pierce an egg yolk, it's such a flexible wire."

It's too early to determine whether the procedure will need to be repeated for some patients, said Dr. Sheila M. Ray, ear, nose and throat surgeon in Southgate and president of the Michigan Otolaryngology Society.

"It's always possible the scar tissue could reinfect or reclose, but (the procedure) seems to be having very good results having those openings stay open," Ray said.

Sinus Relief : Tips managing sinus

Sinus relief by tips to manage sinus

* For patient have nose allergy suggested that no sweep house but using vacuum or mop
* To avoid food could cause allergy

Each individual allergic to different food especially lots of people who do not can eat seafood rich protein or shrimp paste
* To increase rest. Recline use part of the body make one with better breathes because it cope relieve sinus
* Suck soup or hot liquid and drinking plenty of water
* Sweep your face by using towel souse with tepid water or doing steam breathing
* Please do not use nose spray over decongestant over day seven. Otherwise, swollen in sinus would be worse after you stop his use
* Rinse channel sinus use saline solution which will be available at the pharmacy
* One could also use drug as acetaminophen and paracetamol to treat pain
* Discuss with your doctor before taking drug fever because some it can aggravate sinus phenomenon or raise other problem.

Another tips for sinus relief

Sinus Relief tips#1
Slice three shallot. Take two betel leaf and mustard dash. Include into container joint air boil. Then steam to your face. Practise always

Sinus Relief tips#2
Sinus on the face - Face steam with water fennel boiled.

Sinus Relief tips#3
Jasmine root may be eliminated make sinus antidote.Run away this tree and dry off his root. Later fire and smell his root, supply sinus patient will feel hot in the nose time smell tree roots ni. Eye also feel smarting in the same period. Practise some time and can see his impact later. Apart from jasmine root hibiscus tree also be equivalent nutrition.

Sinus Relief tips#4
Bitter banana leaf very useful to restore sinus disease. This bitter banana leaf in speak have nutrition could kill germ and restore trachea. Way processing for at make drug is by dry these leaves during days away in make leaf cigarette or in call sinus cigarette. Smoke in whose inhale from the cigarette enter to respiratory tract to eradicate all stay germ in the nose. Smoke nutrition this bitter banana leaf not only murder germ in fact it also will be drying and reform nose inner layer in whose find out itchiness or watery.
Although his smell pretty hard but this is effective type for disease. While those who not to smoke, that also have been second way. Fire bitter banana leaf that into container while close him. When fire the leaf from off please open his conclusion and you will see the leaf fumes billowing out. Please inhaled some time stated fumes until one relieved.

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