Sinus Relief : Tips managing sinus

Sinus relief by tips to manage sinus

* For patient have nose allergy suggested that no sweep house but using vacuum or mop
* To avoid food could cause allergy

Each individual allergic to different food especially lots of people who do not can eat seafood rich protein or shrimp paste
* To increase rest. Recline use part of the body make one with better breathes because it cope relieve sinus
* Suck soup or hot liquid and drinking plenty of water
* Sweep your face by using towel souse with tepid water or doing steam breathing
* Please do not use nose spray over decongestant over day seven. Otherwise, swollen in sinus would be worse after you stop his use
* Rinse channel sinus use saline solution which will be available at the pharmacy
* One could also use drug as acetaminophen and paracetamol to treat pain
* Discuss with your doctor before taking drug fever because some it can aggravate sinus phenomenon or raise other problem.