Sinus Relief OTC Products Not Containing Medication?

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Q- Sinus Relief OTC Products Not Containing Medication?
Looking for sinus relief over the counter non drug form looking for stuff available in rite aid natural products,lozengers that will help sinus?,ive seen a bunch of different products online and some in stores looking for recommendation for natural/non medicated relief from sinus/nasal congestion

A-I've had sucess with a sea water nasal spray from my local Pharmacy. There is no medicine, it is just 100% natural sea water, which helps to flush out the nasal passage and the sinuses.

The brand I have used is Sterimar Sea Water Nasal Spray. For more information, see:

Your local pharmacy is likely to have a similar product available, it is worth asking behind the counter as they are not often on the shelves.

Another firm favourite of mine in Vicks VapoRub which is available at all pharmacies. A cheap alternative is Menthol Crystals in a tub of hot water - simply inhale the steam. For more on Vicks, see:

A- Sinus relief? Well, to get the congestion more bearable, I'd do Vic's vapor rub at night, or their inhaler during the day. Halls cough drops provide a bit of sinus and sore throat relief. Really, anything with menthol or eucalyptus will help too. You can buy eucalyptus oil...or it's used in steam rooms @ health clubs.

I'm also a fan of zinc, but you have to start taking it at the FIRST thought that you MIGHT be getting an infection. I tried Cold-eze lozenges, but it did bad things to my mouth. Zicam is what I use now, and they have a bunch of different ways to get the zinc into your system.

A-Make a mixture of peppermint and eucalypytus oil and put into boiling water and inhale the steam. It will open you up for sure. Also eating a lot of hot foods will help too.

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