Another tips for sinus relief

Sinus Relief tips#1
Slice three shallot. Take two betel leaf and mustard dash. Include into container joint air boil. Then steam to your face. Practise always

Sinus Relief tips#2
Sinus on the face - Face steam with water fennel boiled.

Sinus Relief tips#3
Jasmine root may be eliminated make sinus antidote.Run away this tree and dry off his root. Later fire and smell his root, supply sinus patient will feel hot in the nose time smell tree roots ni. Eye also feel smarting in the same period. Practise some time and can see his impact later. Apart from jasmine root hibiscus tree also be equivalent nutrition.

Sinus Relief tips#4
Bitter banana leaf very useful to restore sinus disease. This bitter banana leaf in speak have nutrition could kill germ and restore trachea. Way processing for at make drug is by dry these leaves during days away in make leaf cigarette or in call sinus cigarette. Smoke in whose inhale from the cigarette enter to respiratory tract to eradicate all stay germ in the nose. Smoke nutrition this bitter banana leaf not only murder germ in fact it also will be drying and reform nose inner layer in whose find out itchiness or watery.
Although his smell pretty hard but this is effective type for disease. While those who not to smoke, that also have been second way. Fire bitter banana leaf that into container while close him. When fire the leaf from off please open his conclusion and you will see the leaf fumes billowing out. Please inhaled some time stated fumes until one relieved.

See you again for more sinus relief.