Relief from sinus pressure?(sinus pressure relief)

Are there any at home remedies for sinus pressure? I don't think I have an infection so it's not worth calling the doctor, but the "okay'd" list of over the counters medicines aren't helping, any at home remedies? By "okay'd" list I mean I'm 10 weeks pregnant and limited on what I can take.

A - Check and see at the store if they carry a thing called HYDRASENSE. It's a salt water nasal spray that is meant to help clean out and hydrate your nasal cavity. (it's not like an 'otrivin' or any other nasal spray. It's a big bottle with a special tip. Maybe ask a pharmacist?) It made me gag at first, but it is 100% sea water that is sterilized and made ready for use. It's the only thing i too am able to use.

Aside from that, a safe medication to take (my doctor said it was) is an antihistamine. an anti-allergy medication. {Diphenhydramine hydrochloride (trade name Benadryl®)} is one that is safe for use.

Anything other than that i don't think so. Call your doctor anyway, and see what they may suggest!! There's no stupid questions as far as your doctor is concerned!! THey're there to help!!

A - When I was sick while pregnant, I wasn't even given an accepted list. I was told nothing but lozenges. So they helped a little, and so did drinking hot orange juice. Sounds weird but it helped soothe me and helped my nose run. Zap a mugful in the microwave until hot. All you can really do is wait it out. Get some sleep, and don't forget to blow your nose!
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