13 Tips To Avoid Sinus infection

What cause which resulted sinus
Sinus due to allergy on dust,bug,louse and certain food

According to expert, 90 percent of allergy due to blanket,pillow,mattress,pets,herbal powder,medicines,fruits such as pineapple, apple, tomato, almond and others.

Tips for avoid sinus infection:-

Avoid preserve hairy pets in the house like cat, rabbit and

Avoid from using blanket which made of fur, instead used blanket is made from synthetic materials

Avoid from using mattress and pillow which made of fur.

Always wash mattress and pillow sheath by hot water to kill flea or insect and clean dust of pillow and mattress at least twice a week.

Use good and quality vacuum cleaner also possess good filter during cleaning house.

reduce use of carpet and sofa which made of cloth goods or fur.

For bunk bed, be careful for consumer bed on below level because you will inhale all dust from above mattress.

Soft play material must always be washed.

Always keeping clothes in the closed cupboard.

Avoid using heavy curtain and many cloth.

should always cleaning mosquito filter in window if always use it.

Use damp cloth to wipe furniture goods material.

Practise use nose cover during tidy up the house.

Avoid eating food be allergic at you.