Healthy Solution For Sinus Pressure Relief

Healthy Solutions
for Allergy & Sinus Relief
June 2005

SinuPulse Elite® - America's #1 Drug Free Allergy & Sinus Relief Product

Ah...choo! It's allergy season and it seems like everyone is suffering from a runny or stuffed nose. In fact, a recent survey found that almost 40 percent of American consumers feel just like Snow White's friend, Sneezy, this time of year. But is it really allergies that are making them feel so 'sneezy' or something else, like a full blown
Sinus infection?

Each year, 37 million Americans suffer from sinusitis (inflammation of the
Sinuses) resulting in nearly 12 million doctor visits. Symptoms of Sinus-related conditions can be debilitating for many sufferers. In fact, in a recent survey of 1,008 consumers and 127 physicians, more than one half (54 percent) of consumers said they lost sleep at least twice during allergy season last year due to sinus-related symptoms, causing them to be less alert at work the next day. Twenty-five percent of consumers also reported missing at least 3 days of work or school due to illness during allergy season last year.

The SinuPulse is America's #1 leading
Sinus irrigator recommended by leading healthcare professionals, universities, and hospitals. Many professional sports teams use the products from the NY Yankees to the Los Angeles Lakers and is one of the fastest growing drug free treatments in the country!

The SinuPulse Elite® Advanced
Sinus Irrigation System is a soothing drug free device to relieve symptoms caused by Sinus infections, allergies and the common cold including: post nasal drip, cough, congestion, Sinus headaches, and irritated nasal passages. This natural drug free device helps prevent sinus infections and relieve associated pain and pressure.

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