SINUS - Brain risk of infection (Sinus Pressure Relief)

You cough, often sneeze, languid and unpalatable body. Nose also watery sense and stopped up. You consider that one fever.

When drug take, not reduce ordinary fever phenomenon.Get up your morning would start being accompanied with sickness heavy head and sense to part of the face.

After doctor hear history phenomenon, examine part of the face, forehead and may work x-ray on the part Sinus, you confirmed suffering disease sinusitis.

In short, Sinus produce a variety of symptoms nose and not lag can also give impact for throat, vocal cord and middle ear.

one of the Sinus root is because by bacterial infection to over the nose and cavity around it call Sinus.

Sinus really was cavities in facial bone connect to the nose through the channels very small.

Sinus is located to part of the face - cheek under eye, between two points, just little behind nose and comply cover somebody forehead's part.

It divided to four; respectively it is known as Sinus frontal, maxillary Sinus, ethmoidal Sinus and sphenoidal Sinus.

Real function Sinus no accurately known but there between theory said Sinus function lighten skull besides follow played a role deep degungan voice.

Usually mucus produce by this cavities at any time and flowed into the nose.
If channel from Sinus this stopped up, mucus will be aggregated and cavity Sinus to be the venue breeding good for bacteria.

Swollen in layer nose could also cause gutter Sinus this stopped up.
Either main cause swollen deep this nose is fed up nose caused by allergy (rhinitis) quite widespread in society.